Cooking log 26 : Japanese Shallot x Tuna Flakes

Easy Izakaya dish for home drinking

Simple salad for home drinking.

I had been lazy this weekend, eating takeouts and clearing out the leftovers in my fridge. For anyone chilling out there, here is a simple recipe that goes quite well with Japanese sake. I first had this in a family run small izakaya in Kichijoji area almost 7 years ago and fell in love with it. This is a salad with only 2 main ingredients and do not required cooking.

Here hold my sake…

Start with a can of tuna flakes, preferred tuna in oil, mix it with 5~6 clove of finely sliced pickled Japanese shallot(Rakkyo in Japanese). Add mayonnaise for smoother texture and drizzle some vinegar if the shallot pickles used are mild in taste. DONE.

I need my sake back now.

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