Cooking log 47 : Trout & Fungus Takikomi Gohan(One-pot rice)

One of the delicious hands off menu that never goes wrong.

As the Covid situation in Japan worsen, it is the time for us to hunker down for a bit. The timing could not be worse as this time of the year, being with friends and family would have been the highlight. However, we will have to make do. Yesterday was my last day at work for 2020 and all things considered, work wrapped up pretty well.

Then with just one day idle at home, I am bored and craving human contact like never before. So far i fared quite well with social distancing but i guess there really is a limit to how much loneliness human could sustain. Through all that food has always been comforting for me. Planning, making, eating them would keep me occupied and sense of accomplishment therefore I set out to cook today as well.

Takikomi gohan is an easy Japanese dish, sort of similar to fried rice but without frying. All ingredients are put in and cooked along the rice, thus an awesome way ensure your diet filled with vegetable and meat with least effort. It goes well with a bowl of hearty miso soup and traditional pickled radish.

To make it first thoroughly wash the rice, then replace half the water for rice cooking with Tsuyu, a type of Japanese liquid seasoning made from sake, mirin, soy sauce, kombu, and katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes) then simply drop all the ingredients on top. I used sliced burdock, maitake, shitake, spring onion and a slice of salmon. The rice will take on the fragrance of the ingredients. When it is done, debone the fish into flakes and stir everything in. Final touch, garnish with green spring onion.

How it looks like before stirring…

Many people have the impression that Japanese cooking is delicate and complex, but actually it is not. I found that I am able to make more Japanese dishes than I could make Malaysian food, which is more complex and we usually have them in shops rather than home cooked.

Try out this menu, it is unbelievably easy! (….if you do not have rice cooker things might get complicated though).

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