Life in Japan : How to Discard Used Cooking Oil

From the cucur frying, now i have quite an amount of dirty oil with me. I learn after arriving in Japan that getting rid of cooking oil has a special procedure. Apparently, you should not pour it down the drain even if it is cold. Oil down the drain is the main reason the pipe clogged and a plumber is called. Also it is not good for the environment and stressing the sewer system all together.

This type of coagulating agent is sold in every supermarket here. Just add it to the oil at temperature above 80°C and wait for it to cool down and solidify. One pack can handle to up to 600ml of oil. It is that simple. Next scrap off the oil cake and discard it as combustible garbage.

I wonder how oil were discard in other countries. In Malaysia it was down the sink or into the drain which is really bad. I hope that soon this can be a common practice in all places, to handle waste oil properly.

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