Life in Japan : Social Distancing Mini Game @ Covid-19

Time is tough but game and don’t lose your smile.

I came across this mini game on facebook today allegedly made by a Japanese and had a blast. It is a simple game where you click on the crowd to disperse them to ensure no one is in your green circle. Whenever someone invade your bubble you lost a mask and game over when you reach zero mask.

Along the way you will find Mr.Abe(?) handing out masks, and also some meat and fish which has not apparent usage. Click around them could send them your way for faster collection. At higher level, the crowd starts to move around and towards you while your green circle gets bigger. Mr. Abe will be mixed with the crowd so it becomes harder and harder to acquire mask without taking damage. I lose at lvl 7 and ranked B overall, where the game advice me to stay home…

This is all good fun but it does reflect the reality, more or less. Social distancing is critical to battle this pandemic and it is not achievable if the same amount of people wander around. Let’s all stay home and keep essential trips as little as possible. Stay safe and we will get through this together.

Click on the first photo if you like to try out the game!

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