Cooking log 27 : Freshly Made Pasta w Octopus & Cream

First challenge on making fresh pasta

Today i finally challenged homemaking fresh pasta.

I had been thinking about it for a while and as today was a public holiday i have time to have some fun. I watched some video online and off me go. I did it with 1 egg + 3 egg yolks, 125g of flour(Half high gluten half normal flour), olive oil and salt. After much kneading until the surface was smooth, the dough was rested for 40mins before rolling. Good news, i have a pasta machine. Things would have been very grim without it.

Eventually i had 2 servings rolled and cut, one wide and one thin. Tonight i felt like having the wide one. For the sauce i throw together something quick from available ingredients in my fridge. Ended up with buttered onion and garlic base, with salt, pepper and some paprika powder for heat, topped with nicely glazed octopus and king trumpet mushroom and finally some baked cheery tomatoes. Shredded melty cheese were stirred in to get the consistency of the sauce, while parmigiano reggiano were put on last for extra flavor.

Overall, not bad. One improvement next time is to check the pasta thickness before rolling. I rolled the sheet until the thinnest setting, but i actually like thicker pasta. Besides that, i should use high gluten flour next time for chewier pasta. Not bad for first attempt.

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  1. Otti says:

    Amazing Cass!! Hope you can taste sooner or later an home made Pasta directly in Italy!! You are welcome ❤️


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