Cooking log 28 : Homemade Garlic & Shrimp Capellini

Love the end result!

I feel so proud that i did not overcooked my capellini.

Yesterday was an important day where i challenged pasta making first time in my life. Today i was about to find out how the skinny version i made turn out. I planned the recipe earlier this time so i had shrimp defrost since morning for a simple garlic & shrimp oil pasta.

I glazed the shrimp, cherry tomato and shimeji mushroom first with salt and pepper, set the shrimp aside and start slowly making garlic oil at low heat. Italian herb mix were added, as well as some lemon juice to be absorb by the mushroom to bring freshness to this relatively greasy dish.

On the side was the critical pasta cooking operation. As capellini is very thin and fresh pasta being relatively fragile, i was tense and focused. As the salt water boiled i drop in the pasta, stirred immediately to loosen it, count to 10 then scoped it out and threw it into my frying pan straight away. Always add some pasta water to help with the sauce formation.

After throwing it around in the frying pan a few times, i turned off the heat and added some shredded melty cheese. Shrimps and tomatoes were incorporated again at this point. Threw it a few times more and time for plating. Plating as in putting it on a plate, nothing fancy from me. Final touch was the parmigiano reggiano grated, gently sitting on top.

I was overwhelmed with the texture of the capellini. I think setting 2 thickness works quite well for capellini. It had the right level of chewiness and took the sauce with it really well. This might be my new favorite!

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