Life in Japan : Going for Sushi!!!


What better thing to do on weekend than hanging out with foodie friends? đŸ™‚

It was drizzling today due to the approaching typhoon. I was out with two friends. We decided to go for sushi before heading towards the Tokyo Coffee Festival in Shibuya. Went to a small sushi shop recommended by one of us who tried it before near the event area. It was really a small place called Issei with only 8 counter seats and one low table for 4.

We all got the mid range lunch set which cost 1500 yen. Each sushi was made in front of us and placed on the plate one by one. Every piece was such delicate!! I forgot to take photo of two of the sushi, quite sad because one of it, the marinated mackerel sushi was the best of the day.

Chatting with friends really helps me vent, especially now I am in the process of adjusting to my new job. What would i do without you guys? lol.

Peaceful rainy day in Sunrise Land. Refreshed.

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