Cooking log 13 : Yakiniku Lunch at Home (613 kcal)


Work was so crazy last week. Craziness is going to resume tomorrow. Today is Sunday. Good food on weekend mends the spirit. I had some pork shoulder slices and vegetables pan grilled then stir in a big spoon of Yakiniku sauce. Nothing fancy but still yummy. Spirit mended, finger crossed.

I am only two weeks into the job but came home feeling like a dried anchovy most of the days. A tiny dried anchovy curving up on the bed. It has been a while since i worked in an environment so demanding.

Do i regret my decision? No.

I am glad that i chose put myself into this now, not later. Not when i have no stamina to catch up, not when i got too comfortable and waste away in corporate setting. There is so much to learn ahead of me and so much to adapt to.

Watch me.

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