Cooking log 14 : Late Night Soup Noodles + Half a Pear (420 kcal)


It has really been a long while since i last wrote something. Work has been crazy as usual but I am starting to get the hang of it and building relationship with my new colleagues.

I made this noodles a few days ago when i was totally knuckled and got home late. But still i decided to cook because it is very hard to have enough vegetables eating out. I reduced the amount of noodles to 40g only to cut back on carbs. The just threw in a bunch of vegetables i had with two small piece of chicken thigh(around 40g).

Pour in two spoonful of Shirodashi(White stock concentrate), Vola, dinner is ready. Half a pear as dessert because it is in season and thus very yummy.

I do hope in the near future i will have a saner schedule where i can enjoy life more, but for now the circumstances come for extra effort which i would have to comply.

Eat, Rest and Fight the other day.

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