Life in Japan : How Houses Spawn in Sunrise Land


This is far too interesting to not share about it.

So it happens that across the road from my apartment, some houses are being built at the moment. From this photo you can see houses in three different stages. The brown ones far back are the finished ones, while the white one on the left is half done with all the plaster board walls installed, roof and outer wall on the way. The one on the right is at an even earlier stage, where you can see the wooden bone structure.

House construction in Japan is neat, clean and fast. House can spawn in about 4 to 6 months, and there aren’t excessive noise or dust during the construction. Some people say that those look like toy houses, and are concern about its endurance. Well, the placement of the wooden beams are calculated and there are a bunch of construction regulations in Japan they will have to adhere to. No worries. If it does collapse in an earthquake, digging you out from it will be a lot easier too(personal opinion).

However, compare to my apartment, which is built using light-weight steel as frame, those houses are less durable against earthquake, less sound proof and venerable to white ants, but cheaper to build.

Another peaceful day in Sunrise Land.

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