Cooking log 07 : Fish, Rice, Veggies & Fruit + Tofu in Slimy Seaweed (510 kcal)


Slightly ran out of what to write… Part of it because I have absolutely no idea what will the guys find interesting. I think i will continue as always for the time being.

So here it goes. My lunch today had a special guest besides the regular rice, fish veggie and fruit(I don’t think i need to explain those in details…).

See that slimy thing on the lower part of the photo? That is called Mozuku. Don’t panic, it is not worm, but a type of seaweed from the Okinawa region of Japan. The most common way to eat it is with vinegar. Most of the mozuku in stores are preprocessed and come in a tiny plastic cup filled with vinegar, ready to be consume.

Do try one when you come to Japan. It is cold, slippery, sour and sweet hence a perfect cooling snack for summer. One heads-up though, the recommended daily intake is one cup, to not overdo on Iodine your consumption.

Lunch was a total of 510 kcal. Full tummy.

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