Cooking log 08 : Hearty Stew with Bread + One Bite of Chocolate Cake (680 kcal)


It is raining like crazy out there now. Having some nice stew in the comfort of my lair never felt so good.

This was my first stew since I returned to Japan, also the first time I took notice of how much calories there are in one stew cube. 110 kcal there was. Then i remembered that I used to put 2 cubes in before, terrible. This time I followed the instruction on water and milk volume so I would not have to add extra cube for taste and it turned out perfect.

Here is the list of the stuff in my stew today(443 kcal), if anybody want to give it a go :

  • Salted Butter – 6g
  • White Onion – 30g
  • Carrot – 20g
  • Pumpkin – 70g
  • King Trumpet Mushroom – 30g
  • Pork Shoulder Slices – 60g
  • Water – 100ml
  • Low Fat Milk – 40ml
  • Stew Cube – 1 pcs (Link)
  • Sweet Corn – 40g
  • Japanese Mustard Spinach – 50g
  • Broccoli – 20g

It is a simple one pot dish that you can cook easily, starting by melting the butter to grill the ingredients. Put in the ingredients according to their required cooking time. The longer it needs, the earlier it has to go in. For you guys who have no idea what I just wrote, the ingredients are arranged in the correct sequence for you, assuming that you cut them the same way I did(Refer to the photo please).

One trick for cooking broccoli is, bring the stew to boil, stir in the broccolis and turn off the heat. Wait for a few minutes, and you would have crunchy sweet broccolis with a nice shade of green.

The total calories were a bit high because I had bread and chocolate cake.

Sometimes a girl gotta treat herself 😛

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