Cooking log 39 : Nearly Neckless Gooseneck Barnacles

What should you do if your defining quality is not living up to expectation? Hey fellow barnacles there!

It has been a while since i wrote, mostly due to laziness. I ate this way back and never found the motivation to document it(Too much wine had something to do with it, a little).

After the oyster feast, i was scrolling down on the newly discover fishermen/farm e-commerce platform to see if there was anything interesting. And….here it was! Goose neck barnacle from Tottori prefecture, harvested by a fisherman who main product was actually something else. But hey, i love this weird delicacy and they are quite hard to come by. No way i am gonna let go of this opportunity. Few clicks later, i became the pride owner of 1kg of goose neck barnacles.

The parcel arrived 2 days after, praise to the almighty Japan logistics network. Now did i mentioned i bought 1 kg of them? It was an amount to reckon with… so in totally, i spent 4 drinking night snacking on them.

First batch i tried out Gordon Ramsay’s tapas style arrangement with boiled and peeled barnacles in lemon juice, bay leaves, white wine and little cream sauce. That went ok, other than the necks were way too short….(Feature picture) that it was quite hilarious.

Next batches i just boiled them in water with sea salt, because as a normal person living in urban area i have no access to sea water, then quench them in ice water to stop the cooking process once it was done. They were very tasty full of Umami of the ocean and work very well with white wine, or if drinking sake having it with a little Ponzu was heavenly.

I strongly believe i was under the influence of these lazy cousins of crab that had chosen stationary life…yup, gooseneck barnacle are cousin to crab, but the lazy ones. And that was the reason i had not been writing!

At last…one that lived up to its name sake.

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