Life in Japan : Lamb & Mutton Festival 2018@Tokyo


This weekend was fantastic because i got to go out with some new friends from work and munched on God-like yummy stuff. There was a two-day festival in Tokyo, aiming to promote the consumption of mutton in Japan. Many nice restaurants attended.

I had a lamb chop with salsa verde, which did not survived until camera time so i have no photo to show. Then the same happened with the Indian Mutton Stew….

Something came up at work and i had to sit on the floor, in a park having food festival, pulled out my laptop to work while having mutton briyani and beer. That being the reason that you guys get a photo to stare at. Briyani was legendary, i missed it so much, double thumbs up. Then i had the tasting set from local brewery Hokusai. The black and the yellow ones were normal dark beer and lager, the green and red ones however, were interesting. The green one was lychee flavored beer, light and easy to drink once you got over the color. The red one was lemon flavored, i personally don’t like it very much. Would prefer the grapefruit beer i had in the Philippines some years ago.

We couldn’t get the mutton sausage. What a shame that they sold out before we decided to go for it. After some greasy indulgence, we decided to go for coffee and cake. I found a nice coffee shop which roast their own beans. I always have a soft spot for artisan things. Also, so far none of the artisan shop in Japan ever disappointed me.

MUTO coffee roastery


We chatted for 2.5 hours and had decided that our next outing will be Haidilao chinese hot pot. I am soooo looking forward to it. Grateful for good company, looking forward to  many days to come in Sunrise Land. 😀

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