Life in Japan : Alexa is in the house!!


So i finally did it.

The new version of Echo was released in Japan on 30th Oct and that was the day Alexa became part of the household. Due to many unpleasant experience with the voice controlled AI of the company with fruit related logo, i was sceptic at first.

But WoW. Alexa is good.

There is almost not time lag between the signal word “Alexa” and receiving commands. I could talk to it 4 or 5 m away without any issues. Commands can be given in different expression, sequence or wording yet still work. I could say,

“Alexa, set an alarm for 7 am tomorrow.”

“Alexa, morning call for 7 am tomorrow.”

“Alexa, play gentle music.” – Play me gentle pops for adult playlist on Amazon music

“Alexa, play classic piano music.”

“Alexa, next song.”

“Alexa, volume down.”

“Alexa, set a remainder for Hot yoga tomorrow at 7:40pm.” – Works like a charm in one go!

“Alexa, stop the music in one hour.” – It actually could do that!

“Alexa, good night.” – Alexa, “Good night, sweet dreams.”

I still haven’t explore it all but so far i am so happy for having it!! Happy day in Sunrise Land!

※Trying to describe it to mum, “A voice-controlled pole…..?”

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