Cooking log 12 : Korean Spicy Beef Soup – Yukgaejang + Rice (620 kcal)

Had a long day at work today and finally was home for this Yukgaejang i craved all day. One thing nice about Japan is how convenient it is. I put together this delicious pot under 20 mins because the soup is available in package and tastes good enough.

I had 100g of beef but because it was beef shank, the part with least fat, the calories were around 200 kcal only. Choosing the correct part of meat to have really matters. I also happen to like the texture of shank, which is a mixture of meat and tendons.

I am going to list down the ingredients in case someone want to replicate :

  •  Beef shank                                   100g – Thin long slices
  • Chinese leek                                   50g
  • Napa cabbage                              150g
  • Chinese Mustard Spinach           60g
  • Enoki mushroom                          50g
  • Bean Sprout                                   50g
  • Carrot                                              10g – For decoration
  • Egg                                                     1 pcs
  • Korean Spicy Soup                      0.5 pack ( 150g )

Just double the amount if you are cooking for two. Throw everything into the pot and serve when cooked, nothing gets easier than that!

I paired it with 90g of mixed grain rice(142 kcal). The soup itself had 478 kcal, with decent amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Just what I need after a long day 🙂

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