Life in Japan : Here Comes The Boxes!!

IMG_6119 2

Finally after 2 months’ wait, my shipment arrived. Moving cross ocean is weird. You genuinely forgot about what you packed, so the unboxing is like an adventure to the past. A lot of moments like,

”OMG I DID NOT just send that across the globe?!”

”This glass looks bigger that i remember….”

”This thing looks so creepy in a Japanese house…”

”I am gonna drown in packing material. Seriously.”

”Anybody out there wants hangers? Plates? Bowls?”

I had to ninja out to throw the carbon boxes to the garbage station. It is ok to put them there, just the amount….was a bit embarrassing. Next problem is, i don’t have a shelf in my house but i have tons of stuff that need to go on a shelf. Like books and other random decorative stuff. Just ordered a shelf online and until its arrival next weekend, I will have to live with boxes lying around, annoyingly.

Finger crossed that one shelf will be sufficient.

Peaceful day in Sunrise Land. Crazy day unpacking for me.

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