Cooking log 11 : Kimchi Natto, Simmered Hijiki, Miso soup & Rice (434 kcal)


I started today with a good balanced meal. Didn’t realize there wasn’t meat until i finish cooking. Still, it was great.

I mixed Kimchi with natto today, it was one of the common variation of natto. Then i had a big bowl of Miso soup with almost 100g of vegetable. Now it is time to explain what that black thing on the side was.

That was simmered hijiki. Hijiki is a type of edible brown seaweed which is a great source of calcium, fiber and magnesium. I had made it a habit of buying the prep version of it every other day. Yeah, i didn’t cook that. Never learned how to. Hmm, wonder why…

434 kcal for breakfast + Today is public holiday!!

Going out to get some stuff for the house!

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