Cooking log 03 : Toast & Grilled Chicken Breast Salad (400 kcal)


I had salad today for dinner because for lunch, I had an evil one with my friends.

We had Chinese Hot Pot. Not the healthy type, mind you, the “everything is covered in chili and tongue-numbing oil” type of hot pot. I did a rough calculation of my calorie intake, turned out to be around 750 kcal becauseI cut back on meat significantly.

So here I what I did for dinner, praying for redemption. Basic salad with lettuce, tomato, broccoli, corn and some thin-cut carrot stir fried in olive oil. Topped with a decently grilled chicken breast and one hard-boiled egg served with Japanese dressing. Had half slice of toast on the side. The original plan included grilled pumpkin which I forgot while preparing.

Total of 400kcal for dinner today!

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