Cooking log 04 : Ordinary Egg & Sausage breakfast. It’s all about proportion. (419 kcal)


Maybe some of you are wondering why I am free to cook up breakfast like above. Well, I am between jobs now therefore have extra time on my hand.

I think for a good breakfast there are a few important elements :

Coffee – Elixir for revival

Main – usually protein yummy to brighten the day

Fruits & Vegetable – Fibre keeps your tummy happy

Carbs – Compliment the taste of other ingredients

For my breakfast today I had coffee with low fat high iron milk, sunny side up egg and two tiny sausages. On the side was lettuce, tomato, paprika salad with non-oil salad dressing. One kiwi fruit to start and half a slice of walnut bread to follow.

Very filling breakfast, with a total of 419kcal. Isn’t that a good way to enjoy Sunday morning?

I was wondering if anyone would like to know the weight of the ingredients used…hmm

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