Cooking log 02 : Egg, Toast, Fruit, Leaves & a nice cup of coffee (334 kcal)

Second log on my food. Today’s breakfast 🙂

Walnut bread toasted, half because it was thick cut, with one big grilled king trumpet mushroom, egg sunny side up and some green. Topped with one teaspoon of half-fat mayonnaise, measured.

Had one apple because apples are in season now. Fresh hand drip coffee with 100ml of low fat high-iron milk, no sugar.

That was 334 kcal.

Good portion of fiber, salt and fat intake under controlled, according to the app.

I am going to Shizuoka today for my farewell party of previous job. I am thinking of having a bowl of nice duck soba at the beloved local stall in front of the company…that is if they still have noodles by the time I make it there.

Finger crossed!!

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