Cooking log 01 :Veggie, Fish and Rice(655kcal)


After some requests from my friends who keen to know what i cook and eat in my lair, i have decided to start posting my meals, and briefly explain how i cooked them.

So here you can see, this is my dinner today.

The main dish was on top right, aluminum foil wrapped baked fish with king trumpet mushroom and yellow bell pepper. Seasoning was simple, rock salt + mixed pepper and olive oil, the trick was to put two slices of lemon under the fish and that made all the different. Added some ponzu(a type Japanese sauce mainly consists of soy sauce & vinegar) after it is served but that was optional.

On the left was my vegetable plate. Here i had pan grilled pumpkin and zucchini also season with rock salt + mixed pepper and olive oil, to enjoy the original flavor of the veggies. Then was the baby leaf tomato salad, topped with corn and cottage cheese with Japanese style salad dressing.

For rice, i was having a small portion of rice with 16 grains, around 120g. Can’t have too much rice, need to be careful with the carbs 🙂

The total calories was 655kcal, trust me, i weighted everything lol. Dressing and sauce also considered.

I am so glad that i started cooking since childhood that i can pull this off today!

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