The Next Chapter : Back to Japan


Been a while since my last post. Lazy bones.

Guess what, i have left Mexico and will be starting a new job in Japan soon! And also got informed by the company’s doctor that my fat level is over the limit…..

I guess i really reach the age where it takes an effort to stay healthy and fit. I started a month ago with this Japanese App call Asken. It is an App which help you keep track of your calories intake and exercises. Also, get advice on nutrition based on what you have eaten. It is a very good app if, you know Japanese and live in Japan, because it has a vast database of most of the common food, including convenient store lunchbox.

I have already lost 1.5kg, and learned a lot about how to take care of my body. Going to keep on fighting! Discipline!

If anyone is interested in the app, check it out↓

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  1. minghanyeoh says:

    Nice info. will try out the apps. haha


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