Cooking log 36 : Homemade from Scratch, Gnocchi w Shrimp & Broccoli

Gnocchi, bouncy sounding. Great for spicing up an idle Sunday afternoon.

I have recently started to explore the realm of making fresh pasta. Today i realized that my potatoes were having a great awakening and growth and were looking to become pot plant. Emergency. I had to nip them in the bud..sprout. Hence in my genius mind today was the day to challenge gnocchi making.

Genius mind did not anticipate gnocchi being bloody difficult and demands hand muscles as tribute. First of all, the dough was hard to come together. Using potatoes mean more variables, the type and size of the potato will affect the water contain level, thus affect the amount of flour needed. I have no idea how the consistency of the dough should be. On the internet it said moist but not sticky and after struggling with the dough and adding flour little by little for 30mins i finally had something that was kinda workable that sort of not sticking onto the board at every roll.

Then it was the shaping part. I cut the dough into small bits, round them and roll them over a fork for the imprints. It would stick on the fork if it was not dusted sufficiently with flour, then stick on the plate after that. If i toss the done ones in flour they became round without the imprints….oh please god of Gnocchi do not forsaken me!

After another hour of struggle i had these. I ended up with 6 potions of gnocchi, while I originally intended to make two portions. There was no way i could eat 6 portions of gnocchi in one go so i carefully lined them up in tray and freeze them before bagging.

Gnocchis violating social distancing.

For tonight i made one portion for dinner in garlic butter based, paprika, nutmeg powder and fresh parsley seasoned sauce with shrimps and broccoli. And of course topped with parmigiano reggiano. I was pleased that the gnocchi turned out quite nice with sufficient bounce and chewiness.

I read a blog while i was making it that said gnocchi might dissolve during boiling if there were insufficient flour, and would be too heavy if there were too much flour. Mine all stayed intact, and had lighter texture than store bought gnocchi! I would say it was a win! A glass of wine would fit the occasion but as a responsible adult who have to work tomorrow i choose not to.

Gnocchi making was fun and it ended up tasty but I would not be looking to do this again without a few extra pair of hands to offer tribute to the god of gnocchi…

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