Cooking log 35 : Black Pepper Beef Stir-fry w Garlic Sprouts

Simple dinner to warm my tummy.

It was a simple but satisfying meal.

It has been a while since i last did Asian meal with main dish, rice and soup. Today was a busy day and i had to resume work after dinner but felt like doing something proper anyway. So i put on my rice cooker cooking rice with mix grains, sliced the beef and marinated it in egg white, salt, black pepper, soy sauce, little corn starch and rice wine.

When the rice was half way here, i started stir frying. Accompanying the beef were a quarter of an onion and garlic sprouts. Beef went in first with olive oil and were stir fried until the color changed. Next in were onion and garlic sprout.

On the side i took out the chicken stock i save up few days back when i made drunk chicken and threw in few tomatoes, shimeji mushroom and lettuce. No special seasoning was needed beside salt, the chicken essence did all the work.

After a few stirs and all ingredients looked cooked, cooking rice wine were splashed in and reduced twice, and that with corn starch formed a little bit of sauce that stick to the ingredients. Right before scoping it out, i ground extra black pepper for stronger taste and fragrance.

Nom Nom. Once again, beef with black pepper that could never go wrong.

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