Cooking log 31 : Seafood Tomato Pasta w A glass of Rosato from Italy

Throwback to the sweet moment in Golden week

Welcome to throwback of drunk sweet moment in Golden week holidays.

In my second attempt at homemade fresh pasta, i tried using thicker setting. This time i roll it only to setting 3 before noodle cutting. I love the end result! A small complication was the pasta seems wetter and prone to stick together in comparison to rolling it until setting 1. I had to add large amount of flour to ensure i did not ended up where i started with a round chunk of dough.

As tomato is in season and cheap, then i had learnt that tomato pairs quite well with the bottle of AKA Primitivo Rosato wine i got it was no brainer to make the match happen. I started with garlic oil to stir fry diced onion before adding sun dried tomato, spices and freshly chopped tomatoes and season it to taste. Never forget to add pasta water to the sauce when doing the final toss in the pan with cooked pasta. And always grate good cheese on top.

The pairing with the Rosato wine was heavenly. I am not good at describing wine taste, but it felt and tasted right with the dish. This rosato wine has a beautiful long finish that was enhanced by grilled tomato, and lively fruity taste that feels very much like summer. Definitely one of my new favorite.

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