Cooking log 21 : Peruvian Twist on Fried Chicken + Roasted Sweet Potato Chips

Peruvian twist!

How is life going? The quarantine still a month to go here and finding motivation to get on with it every day is getting more and more difficult. Cooking has been a good way to lighten my mood.

So this is how it began, I have some chicken thigh sitting in my fridge. Normally I would boil them in soup or with noodles to make a quick and easy meal for one. But once in a while I get sudden ideas to test out random inspirations, and I had a light bulb moment and decided to try out Aji Panca paste.

I marinated the chicken with salt and aji panca for an afternoon, planning to grill them for dinner which was not uncommon way to go. Then the second inspiration hit. How will it taste as fried chicken?

I added an egg into the chicken marinate, mixed it well then added some potato starch to form the batter. The chicken was then fried slowly until crispy…..

The taste was quite nice. Aji pance is a type of chili that is not exactly spicy but quite smoky. It also has a mellow hint of berry like taste which compliment the chicken well. I would definitely try this again and maybe add other spices into the mix…I might be up to something. Cheers đŸ™‚

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