Cooking log 20 : Kurosoi w Roasted Vege + Buttered Kurosoi Liver

Here i am on Sunday night writing about the reason of the excruciating hangover this morning. Should have stopped at half a bottle. I knew i cannot take on a bottle solo and it was 100% my own fault.

I found a very fresh Kurosoi in the supermarket at 300 JPY. Unbelievable. The chef in me was rubbing my hands together while drooling. Needless to say it was coming home with me. It has been a while since i last handled whole fish that required the full procedure from removing the scales to removing the inners and gills. I was probably living in Shizuoka back then so would be around 2015.

I sharpened my knife and sliced into the stomach, then was thrilled to find the organs were intact and extremely fresh. Carefully remove the set i isolated the liver as the edible part for me to cook. In Japan steamed monk fish liver called Ankimo is a delicacy that has the creamy texture similar to foie gras while carries a hint of ocean in its taste. I am intrigued if this tiny piece of liver would be tasty too. Instead of steaming, i chose to pan fry it in butter and salt creating a plate more similar to foie gras. After all, i am going western tonight with a bottle of wine.

The fish was seasoned with spices, stuffed with lemon cut and garlic then got a olive oil massage before going into the oven. All the vegetable were tossed with thyme, paprika powder, salt & pepper and olive oil before roasting. While waiting for the roast, i made a dipping with aji amarillo paste, mayonnaise and garlic. It was a dipping with Peruvian twist, using the yellow hot pepper.

So how did it taste? I have to say, the fish liver was legendary. It got exactly the texture i was looking for, some crispy crust on the outside and smooth consistency inside. Then consider how drunk i was by the end of it, make a guess on the rest. 😀

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