Life in Japan : Vegetable delivery – Farm to Table

Waaaaaaaah fresh vegetables!!

After 2 weeks in isolation with only essential supply runs, i am low on fresh vegetables. I did have canned food and frozen vegetables but they are more for last resolve…. i love fresh veggies.

It’s time then…to try out online vegetables! I found this assorted box on Amazon that looks awesome, with more than 10 types of seasonal vegetables from Chiba and Ibaraki prefecture and could be delivered in 2 days. It arrived this morning as planned and the content did not disappoint at all. All the vegetables were in perfect condition, even better than those in the supermarket.

In the box there was a thank you letter and list of vegetables with the farmers’ name which really make you how much pride they have in their product and the care they had put in. Now i will have to put in same amount of care to cook these to honor them.

P.S. Just found out that they are sold out at the moment XD

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