Cooking log 17 : Braised Pork on Rice + Braised tofu & Soup

Going proper Taiwanese tonight

Sunday evening!! Braised pork is on rice!!

Today i took out the braised pork from Cooking log 16 with excitement, and drooling figuratively. To add more balance dietary wise, i braised some tofu using the braised pork sauce and added a simple Tomato & Egg soup for dinner.

The Tomato & Egg soup is very easy to make if you could get your hands on fried onion flakes. All you need for seasoning is salt and it to elevate the natural taste of tomato & egg. Then adding spinach and enoki was to increase my vegetable intake. I always find soup an easy way to incorporate vegetable into a meal. I do hope my stock of fresh vegetable could last through the isolation period, but that would be unlikely. I have bought kimchi and some frozen vegetable just in case, which bought back memories from the time Japan had very bad weather in summer around 7 years ago, where the price of fresh vegetables sky rocket to the point i could not afford them as a student and had lived on kimchi for few months. The good old days.

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