Life in Mexico : Hello Seafood Tacos

Before arriving in Mexico, my image of tacos was based on the hard shell tacos I had in Okinawa, with stir-fried ground beef, diced onion and tomato. When i arrived, i was surprised to find that hard shell tacos are not “real tacos” for Mexican, but more of a type of Texas mexican cuisine. And there were no tomatoes in it, you get diced onion and cilantro. They were delicious so i am not complaining.

I was surprised by the existence of seafood tacos and was lucky to find an awesome spot in the inland city I am in. So i decided to give a small intro about these deliciousness!

Taco de camarones zarandeados – corn tortilla with grilled shrimps & onions dipped in special sauce, topped with avocado. Just amazing.


Tostada de camaron(left) y tostada de pescado(right) – Toasted corn tortilla with ceviche, seafood(raw fish most common) cured on citrus juice spiced with baby oregano and maybe chili. Exceptionally chilling in summer.


Coctel – The direct translation is cocktail but this is not a drink. It is seafood in seasoned tomato juice topped with diced onion, cilantro and avocado. Best with salted cracker. I always order this to close my meal.


The hearty place that serves these amazing dish is called Cevichazo y Parrilla de Santi – Av. de los Maestros 103, Barandales de San José, 20342 Aguascalientes, Ags. In case anyone wonder, or want to drop by.

They also make an fantastic palette of sauces for your tacos, maybe I should introduce those next time…

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