Life in Mexico : Getting tacos

How can you not have tacos if you are in Mexico?

Just as most of the world thinks that Japanese have sushi everyday, I thought tacos are the everyday meal for Mexican. Surprisingly it’s not. Tacos are not for every day, unless you extend the meaning of tacos to anything wrapped in tortilla. Most main dishes in Mexican come with complimentary tortillas(lunch at my work has free flow of tortillas), like rice to Asian or bread to European, but whether to use them is optional. Mexicans eat seasoned rice, pasta and cracker as their source of carbohydrates other than tortillas.

Here are the example of main dishes with tortillas

Tortillas on the right

On the other hand here is what you can get at a taqueria(taco place). You can’t get dishes like the above in a taco place. I still don’t know why one taco comes with 2 tortillas btw….

From left top downwards: Pastor, Chorizo, Lengua(tongue), on the right is Bistek(belly meat).

If you don’t know what to get, Pastor is always a good start. Who doesn’t like well marinated meat roasted on a rotating stick? Hungry.

……..Almost forgot to get back to the “on what occasion tacos are eaten” part. Besides once in a while indulgence, most Mexicans have tacos after a night out with a few drinks.

Legends had it that midnight tacos will save you from hangover the next day. I am in.

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