Life in Japan : Supporting Local Business @ Covid-19

Chinese takeout and chill Sunday. The area i live do not have much choices on Uber Eats but it is still of great convinience.

I noticed today in Uber Eats there was option to give money to support the restaurant. It was listed as restaurant contribution and was 100 yen in this case. So i checked the box. When the food arrived i was surprised to see it has a thank you note with a cookie.

I am able to cook these dishes from scratch myself(for real) but i like to order out sometimes to support the food industry. I have also ordered some frozen Chinese dim sum from my friend who is a chef in Sendai today, should arrive in a few days.

We all know social distancing is not an option, but the only known path to quench the situation. I am lucky amidst this that my job allows me to work from home and my industry does not rely on people going out.

However the food industry are hit hard. Chef is not an easy profession, it takes commitment, dedication and years of hard work. For those who have their own restaurant, this is really a tough time. And not just for the restaurant owner, it is the same for the workers too. If i am a student now working in restaurant to support myself like i did 7 years back, i am scared to picture what this pandemic would mean.

Support your local business. We will get through this together.

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  1. Nick Pearson says:

    That’s so cute that they gave you the note! The food looks tasty too 🙂
    I’m excited to read about the dim sum when you receive it.

    I’m supporting the restaurants in my neighborhood and buying a bento box from a different one each day, sometimes two a day 😉

    Stay safe.

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