Life in Japan : High-Tea@Tokyo Imperial Hotel w Good Company

Once in a while, it is fun to check out the other dimension. Today i had set foot inside the Tokyo Imperial Hotel! It was a nice afternoon spent with wonderful friend over free flow tea of more than 30 varieties and well-made bites. They really rock the high tea here. We could have spend more time together if i have not missed my train on the way there…

Recently hanging out has became more and more difficult as we reach the age where new roles, such as wife and mother are being added. I am still enjoying my free single life but many around me are in transiting into the next chapter. I cherish greatly any chance to meet up and appreciate those really making an effort to come.

Speaking of transition, our seats were near the window, overlooking the imperial palace park which are transiting into autumn colors. 

Outside the window of 17th floor, Tokyo Imperial

Beautiful, wasn’t it? In autumn, everything seems withering away but it is merely the transition towards rebirth. Reminds me always to cherish every moment, just as the vibrant autumn leaves amidst their very last.

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